Hypothyroidism and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease


  • Mariia Sukholytka Department of respiratory medicine, Thomayer hospital, Prague, The Czech Republic




hypothyroidism, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, comorbidity, thyroid gland


The risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), as well as thyroid diseases increases with age. COPD is a common systemic disease associated with chronic inflammation. Many endocrinological disorders, including thyroid gland diseases are related to systemic inflammation. Epidemiological studies suggest that patients with COPD are at higher risk of thyroid disorders. These associations are not well-studied and thyroid gland diseases are not included on the broadly acknowledged list of COPD comorbidities. They may seriously handicap quality of life of COPD patients. Unfortunately, the diagnosis may be difficult, as many signs are masked by the symptoms of the index disease. The comprehension of the correlation between thyroid gland disorders and COPD may contribute to better care of patients. In this review, we attempt to revise available literature describing existing links between COPD and thyroid diseases. The signs or symptoms of thyroid disorders may be non-specific, especially among the elderly, therefore the differential diagnosis between symptoms of COPD and symptoms related to thyroid disease can cause difficulties. Many data show higher risk of thyroid hormones alterations in COPD patients. Hypothyroidism may influence respiration by different mechanisms, even in subjects with intact respiratory system. Therefore, it is hard to distinguish whether hormonal changes are the reason or a consequence of different respiratory signs and symptoms. In some instances, the correction of hormonal alternations may improve the qua­lity of life of COPD patients and other disease outcomes. The comprehension of an association between COPD, thyroid gland function and thyroid disorders may provide important information about the systemic nature of COPD.


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