Preventive diabetology at the turn of the centuries. Prevention of type 2 diabetes mellitus: achievements and prospects


  • G.F. Gendeleka Odessa National Medical University, Odesa, Ukraine
  • A.N. Gendeleka Municipal Non-Profit Enterprise “Primary Health Care Centre 5”, Odesa, Ukraine



type 2 diabetes mellitus, prevention, prediction strategies, impaired glucose tolerance, lifestyle modification


This article presents the key achievements in the field of diabetes mellitus prevention. Currently, various researches have been conducted on the prevention of diabetes mellitus, with different designs, types of intervention, duration of follow-up and mechanisms of action. One of the possible mechanisms is aimed to slow down the rate of the peak prevalence of the diabetes mellitus. The second possibility is concerned the majority of medical interventions conducted, which enable to decrease the rate of impaired glucose tolerance in manifestation of diabetes mellitus. The third preventive mo­del consists in a strong stabilization of glucose tolerance. After detection of pre-conditions, which result in diabetes mellitus, preventive methods should be tested for 10–12 years, while beta cells are functionally active.


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