Vol 13, No 8 (2017)

Table of Contents

Editor’s Page

Appeal of Editor-in-Chief PDF (Українська)
V. Pankiv 523-525

To practicing Endocrinologists

Screening of abdominal obesity and diabetes mellitus in women with oncological diseases PDF (Українська)
N.O. Pertseva, M.K. Rokutova, V.V. Melnik 586-590
Diagnostic algorithm in combined surgical pathology in patients with diseases of endocrine system PDF (Русский)
S.M. Zavgorodniy, M.A. Kubrak, A.I. Rylov, M.B. Danilyk 591-595
Peculiarities of bariatric impact of Styfimol in patients with type 2 diabetes with obesity and hypertension PDF (Українська)
K.O. Zuiev 596-603

Clinical Diabetology

Influence of type 2 diabetes mellitus on the central retinal area in patients with proliferative diabetic retinopathy PDF (Українська)
A.S. Hudz, M.L. Maksimtsyv 557-562
Comparative evaluation of the influence of diabetic retinopathy progression factors on indices of lipid metabolism in metabolic syndrome PDF
L.Yu. Pуlуpenko, V.М. Serdіuk, O.P. Kucher 563-569
Vitamin D status, calcium, magnesium and parathyroid hormone levels in patients with diabetes mellitus PDF (Українська)
Kh.M. Shchubelka, O.T. Oleksyk, T.M. Hanych 570-573

Clinical Thyroidology

Some aspects of prevention of postoperative relapse in patients with nodular forms of goiter PDF (Українська)
N.P. Tkachuk, V.V. Bilookyi, Ya.V. Gyrla 536-540
Immune histochemical study of apoptosis marker expression and proliferation in tissues at follicular neoplasia of the thyroid gland PDF (Українська)
M.Ye. Sazonov, Ye.P. Korchahin, N.I. Goidenko 541-545
Treatment of solid nodules of the thyroid gland using laser-induced thermotherapy PDF
O.V. Shidlovskyi 546-550
Dynamics of thyroid gland sizes in patients with diffuse and nodular goiter, autoimmune thyroiditis during monotherapy by Alba® preparation in different regions of Ukraine PDF (Русский)
V.I. Pankiv, V.G. Gurianov, L.R. Petrovska 526-535
New approaches to postoperative treatment of patients with nodular goiter and autoimmune thyroiditis PDF
М.І. Sheremet 551-556

Experimental Endocrinology

Microbiome of the pre-epithelial biofilm of the colon of albino rats with experimental thyrotoxicosis PDF (Українська)
L.I. Sydorchuk 612-617
Comparative characteristic of fibrinolytic activity in case of experimental peritonitis and underlying diabetes mellitus PDF
F.V. Grynchuk, A.F. Grynchuk, V.V. Maksimiuk 618-623
Changes in the convoluted tubules of the kidneys at the administration of NADP on the background of streptozotocin-induced diabetes mellitus in rats PDF (Українська)
M.I. Grytsiuk 624-629


Primary hyperaldosteronism: diagnosis and treatment PDF (Українська)
L.A. Nikitiuk, A.M. Kravchenko, V.S. Pasko, A.O. Kovalska 604-611

Pediatric Endocrinology

Using ultra-rapid insulin analogs in children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes mellitus PDF (Українська)
О.V. Bolshova, N.A. Sprinchuk 574-580
Functional state of the pituitary-thyroid system in children with allergic dermatosis PDF (Українська)
T.V. Sorokman, I.Ya. Lozyuk, Lucas Daalder, V.G. Ostapchuk 581-585

Problems in the system of higher education

Modern aspects of medical education in Ukraine PDF
R. Yatsyshyn, P. Gerych, О. Didushko 630-631

Clinical Case

The Wiedemann-Rautenstrauch syndrome (neonatal progeroid syndrome): a case report and brief literature review PDF (Русский)
O.V. Bolshova, O.A. Vyshnevskaya 632-637
Autoimmune polyglandular syndrome type 2 (clinical case of Сarpenter syndrome) PDF
V.V. Chernikova, O.O. Soloviuk, O.A. Soloviuk 638-640