Vol 13, No 6 (2017)

Table of Contents

Editor’s Page

Appeal of Editor-in-Chief PDF (Українська)
V. Pankiv 396-398

Original Researches

Violations of macro- and micronutrient support in patients with nodular thyroid pathology from regions injured after the Chornobyl accident PDF (Українська)
V.I. Kravchenko, I.A. Luzanchuk, I.N. Andrusyshyna, O.M. Golinko, I.O. Golub 399-406
The state of carbohydrate metabolism in patients with polycystic ovary syndrome PDF (Українська)
T.L. Arkhypkina, L.P. Lyubimovа, K.V. Misiura, Yu.I. Karachentsev 407-414
Endothelial dysfunction and morphofunctional properties of erythrocytes in non-alcoholic steathohepatitis combined with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in patients with obesity PDF (Українська)
T.P. Cyntar, O.I. Fediv, G.Ya. Stupnytska, S.V. Glugovska 415-419
Quality of life of patients with bronchial asthma combined with obesity, depending on the identification of FTO RS9939609 and RS324011 STAT6 gene polymorphism PDF (Українська)
О.B. Melnik, О.I. Fediv 424-428
Some aspects concerning abdominal obesity diagnosis in city population of Ukraine PDF (Українська)
K.V. Misiura 429-434
Mathematical model of diabetic encephalopathy in diagnosis of complicated forms of diabetes mellitus PDF
A.O. Popruga, T.Ye. Mykhaylychenko, L.A. Samarchenko, L.Ye. Bobyrova 420-423

To practicing Endocrinologists

Pharmacotherapeutic efficiency and advantages of the combined treatment of patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus PDF (Українська)
V.I. Pankiv 435-439

Endocrine Surgery

Evaluating the efficiency of surgical treatment of ACTH-dependent Cushing’s syndrome in the early and late postoperative period PDF (Українська)
G.J. Narimova 440-444

Literature Review

Influence of certain components of metabolic syndrome on renal function in hypothyroidism (literature review) PDF
O.M. Didushko 445-449
Condition of locomotor system in patients with diabetes mellitus PDF (Українська)
Kh.M. Shchubelka, O.T. Oleksyk, T.M. Hanych 450-454

Clinical Thyroidology

Effect of vitamin D supplementation on insulin resistance in patients with hypothyroidism PDF
I.V. Pankiv 455-458

Experimental Endocrinology

Peculiarities of disturbances of the functional renal state in the early period of experimental diabetes mellitus PDF (Українська)
T.M. Boychuk, О.А. Olenovych, M.I. Grytsiuk, A.I. Gozhenko 463-467


Treatment of patients with sterility associated with metabolic syndrome PDF (Українська)
O.O. Korytko 459-462