Vol 16, No 3 (2020)

Table of Contents

Leading Article

COVID-19 and diabetes mellitus: management of patients during the pandemic PDF
N.V. Pashkovska, V.I. Pankiv, O.V. Pashkovska 180-184

Editor’s Page

Management of a patient with thyrotoxicosis: real clinical practice PDF (Українська)
N. Kuprinenko 185-193

Original Researches

25(ОН)D level, 10-year probability of major osteoporotic fractures, bone mineral density and quality, fat and lean mass in pre- and postmenopausal women PDF (Українська)
V.V. Povoroznyuk, O.S. Ivanyk 194-203
The role of vitamin D deficiency in the origin of vasovagal syncope in childhood PDF (Українська)
T.A. Kovalchuk, O.R. Boyarchuk 231-236
The probability of the influence of professional chemical factors on the development of hypothyroidism and other lesions of the human body PDF (Українська)
A.I. Voloshin, T.A. Ilashchuk, L.A. Voloshina, I.V. Pankiv, V.S. Yuzvenko 227-230
Effect of vitamin D and B12 levels on hepatosteatosis in overweight and obese children PDF
Civan H. Ayyıldız, Çakır E. Papatya, F. Palabıyık, M. Cömert 209-214
Does the name “diffuse toxic goiter” reflect the structural state of the thyroid gland in this nosology? PDF (Українська)
Yu.V. Buldyhina 215-220
The blood level of endothelin-1 in diabetic patients depending on the characteristics of the disease PDF
L.K. Sokolova, Yu.B. Belchina, V.V. Pushkarev, S.A. Cherviakova, T.S. Vatseba, O.I. Kovzun, V.M. Pushkarev, M.D. Tronko 204-208
Improving the effectiveness of treatment of patients with metabolic syndrome by the use of selenium and vitamin complex Oxylyc PDF (Українська)
N.V. Pashkovska, N.O. Abramova 221-226

Literature Review

Review of the evidence base of representatives of the group of sodium-glucose co-transporter 2 inhibitors available at the Ukrainian market (literature review) PDF (Українська)
K.O. Zuiev 237-244
Hashimoto’s thyroiditis — a therapeutic or surgical problem? (Literature review) PDF (Українська)
V.А. Shidlovskyi, А.V. Shidlovskyi, M.I. Sheremet, V.V. Tverdohlib 245-250
Type 2 diabetes mellitus and chronic kidney disease: modern opportunities for antihyperglycemic therapy PDF (Українська)
O.M. Didushko 251-256
Allergic reactions in patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus (literature review and own research) PDF (Українська)
N.M. Kaspruk 287-291
Thyroid storm: modern understanding, diagnosis and management approaches PDF (Українська)
R.D. Makar, I.M. Pavlovskyi, O.R. Makar 278-286
Phenotypes of diabetic kidney disease (literature review and own data) PDF (Українська)
I.O. Tsaryk, N.V. Pashkovska 265-271
The potential role of benfotiamine in the treatment of diabetic cardiac autonomic neuropathy PDF
V.A. Serhiyenko, V.B. Segin, L.M. Serhiyenko, A.A. Serhiyenko 257-264
Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Center for Endocrine Surgery, Transplantation of Endocrine Organs and Tissues of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine PDF (Українська)
O.P. Nechai, D.M. Kvitka, P.O. Lischynskyi, R.M. Sichinava 272-277

Clinical Case

Department of Internal Medicine, University Hospital “Shefqet Ndroqi”, Tirana, Albania PDF
E. Xhardo, F. Agaçi 292-296