No 3.43 (2012)

Table of Contents

Original Researches

Coagulating Activity of Plasma Factors and Ways of their Correction by means of Electromagnetic Radiation of Extremely High Frequency in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus PDF (Русский)
D.A. Yefimov 11-12
Correlation of Metabolic Indices with Plasma Leptin Level in Patients with Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in Combination with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Obesity PDF (Українська)
O.V. Ogneva 15-17
Disorders of Insulin Synthesis and Secretion in Type 2 Diabetic Suffers after Disaster on ChNPS PDF (Русский)
A.N. Kovalenko, I.G. Chikalova, I.N. Muravyova 18-22

To practicing Endocrinologists

Experience of Modern Premixed Insulin Use in Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus PDF (Українська)
M.V. Vlasenko, S.V. Litvinova, N.I. Gurina, N.A. Kravchuk, Yu.O. Kryvovyaz 35-40
Diabetes Mellitus. Part 1. Complicated Questions of Diagnosis PDF (Русский)
A.V. Kaminsky 43-47
On the Question of Nocturnal Hypoglycemia Symptoms PDF (Русский)
I.I. Nikberg 52
Rational Prescribing of Sulfonylurea in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 PDF (Русский)
V.I. Pankiv 55-58

Endocrine Gynecology

Comparative Effects of Hormone Replacement Therapy on Climacteric Symptoms and Sexual Function in Postmenopausal Women PDF (Русский)
F.A. Khaidarova, S.S. Nigmatova 66-69


Hypothalamic Syndrome PDF (Українська)
M.V. Vlasenko 70-76

Pediatric Endocrinology

Integral Assessment of Risk Factors for Metabolic Syndrome Develop-ment in Children and Adolescents with Obesity PDF (Русский)
G.N. Rakhimova, Sh.Sh. Azimova 77-81

Postgraduate Education

Diagnostic Technique for Evaluating Thyroid Function PDF (Українська)
V.I. Pankiv 106-113