Current Views on the Treatment Algorithm in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus and Erectile Dysfunction

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N.V. Pasyechko
T.I. Krytskyy
Naumova L.V.
M.A. Dzhula
V.M. Kulchinska


Diabetes mellitus (DM) is common throughout the world. According to the World Health Organization’s data, there are about 415 millions of patients with DM now in the world, and their number is growing significantly. The same trend is typical for Ukraine, where the number of patients is more than 1 million. According to chronic incurable course of DM and increase of patients’ life expectancy, research, aimed at studying various organs and systems, and, in particular, sexual function in men, are important. In recent years, significant progress was achieved in understanding the diagnosis and effective treatment of sexual dysfunction. However, disorders of sexual function in patients with DM, which significantly reduce the quality of their lives, remain undetected for a long time due to the fact that patients often do not complain of sexual dysfunction. It should be noted, that even the thoughts of these disorders impair the mental state of patients, which, in turn, leads to worsening the carbohydrate metabolism. Thus, active detection and study of the nature of erectile dysfunction in patients with DM will let not only choose reasonably the methods of treatment for diabetic patients that will enhance their quality of life, but will also allow to pursue the prevention of other neurogenic and vascular complications of underlying disease more efficient. Also, the development of the health care system for men with impaired sexual dysfunction is equally important.

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Pasyechko, N., T. Krytskyy, N. L.V., M. Dzhula, and V. Kulchinska. “Current Views on the Treatment Algorithm in Patients With Diabetes Mellitus and Erectile Dysfunction”. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENDOCRINOLOGY (Ukraine), no. 8.80, Jan. 2017, pp. 80-87, doi:10.22141/2224-0721.8.80.2016.89544.
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