Dynamics of Disability of Patients with Hypothyroidism in Vinnytsia Region in 2013–2015

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V.S. Vernigorodsky
M.V. Vlasenko
N.M. Fetisova
M.V. Vernigorodska
I.M. Kostenko
L.P. Melnichuk


Relevance. Hypothyroidism is on one of the leading places in the structure of endocrine diseases. The relevance of disability problem as a result of hypothyroidism emphasizes the growth of not only primary, but also chronic disability. Objective: to study the features of the dynamics of primary and total disability due to hypothyroidism. Materials and methods. We have studied medical expert records of 596 sick people and disabled persons, including 375 patients and persons with disability due to postoperative hypothyroidism (in particular 113 persons, who were directed to sociomedical assessment (SME) for the first time, and 262 individuals undergoing regular re-examination), and 221 sick people and persons with disability due to idiopathic hypothyroidism (in including 31 individuals, who were directed to SME for the first time, and 190 people undergoing regular re-examination). The analysis of the official statistics on disability due to hypothyroidism among adult working population has been performed. Results. Dynamics of intensive index due to idiopathic and postoperative hypothyroidism has a positive trend. Intensive index of invalidity as a result of postoperative hypothyroidism has greatly improved. However, intensive rate of primary disability due to idiopathic hypothyroidism has negative trend. Conclusion. Given the fact that the performance of complete and partial rehabilitation in idiopathic hypothyroidism remains low, the basic principle of action in terms of disabled people becomes their rehabilitation. It is recommended to introduce into the work of health care institutions of a complex of rehabilitation measures, rehabilitation treatment in rehabilitation centers and sanatorium conditions.

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Vernigorodsky, V., M. Vlasenko, N. Fetisova, M. Vernigorodska, I. Kostenko, and L. Melnichuk. “Dynamics of Disability of Patients With Hypothyroidism in Vinnytsia Region in 2013–2015”. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENDOCRINOLOGY (Ukraine), no. 5.77, Oct. 2016, pp. 83-87, doi:10.22141/2224-0721.5.77.2016.78760.
Clinical Thyroidology


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