Vitamin D Deficiency and Insufficiency in Lviv Region Residents

V.V. Povoroznyuk, O.V. Synenky, N.I. Balatska, M.Yu. Synenka


Vitamin D is one of the important metabolites of the human body, which has a wide spectrum of effects and is a co-regulator of many important physiological processes. The aim of the study was to evaluate the incidence of vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency in Lviv region residents and to identify the factors influencing it. Materials and methods. The study involved 227 apparently healthy subjects aged 20–85 years. The average age of men — 52.79 ± 14.44 years, and women — 51.12 ± 13.72 years (p > 0.05). The study was performed in June during 2009–2011. The observations involved three geographical zones of Lviv region: forest, foothill and mountain. Serum 25(OH)Dtotal level was determined by electrochemiluminescence method on Elecsys 2010 analyzer (RocheDiagnostics, Germany) using cobas test systems. Results. Vitamin D deficiency is being registered in 50.7 % of Lviv region residents, and insufficiency — in 33.0 %. Patients aged 70–79 years had significantly lower levels of 25(OH)D in the blood serum (14.31 ± 7.81 ng/ml) compared to the age group of 20–29 years (21.72 ± 12.63 ng/ml, p < 0.05), 30–39 years (22.49 ± 10.39 ng/ml, p < 0.001), 50–59 years (22.02 ± 8.73 ng/mL, p < 0.0001) and 60–69 years (19.84 ± 10.00 ng/ml, p < 0.05). It was found that age has a likely weak negative influence on the serum level of 25(OH)D
(r = –0.17, p = 0.01). Conclusions. The studies found no impact of the gender, body mass index and geographic position of the residence on the average level of 25(OH)D in the blood serum of Lviv region residents.


vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency; risk factors



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