Clinical and Diagnostic Aspects of Diabetic Ketoacidosis

Z.P. Nizhynska-Аstapenko, М.V. Vlasenko


Background. Leading criteria for laboratory diagnosis and determination of diabetic ketoacidosis severity are considered to be the levels of glucose, blood pH and blood bicarbonate. Technological capabilities of a family doctor are very limited. Therefore, knowledge of detailed clinical symptoms will help the physician to establish correctly a provisional diagnosis and refer a patient to a specialized institution. The aim of our study was to determine the prevalence and special features of certain clinical symptoms and basic laboratory parameters in order to establish the severity level of diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) and to reveal certain correlation between clinical symptoms and laboratory changes in the blood in patients with DKA. Materials and methods. The study involved 123 patients with acute critical decompensated diabetes aged from 9 to 65 years old. We studied the clinical symptoms, measured biochemical changes in blood, blood gas and acid-base state. Results. There was not determined the correlation between severity of diabetic ketoacidosis and clinical parameters and acid-base balance in patients. There were determined the peculiarities electrolyte changes and the emergence gas metabolic changes on the cell level under ketosis, which further deepened with the development of ketoacidosis. The results of the study indicate the need for a comparison of clinical symptoms and laboratory parameters of pathogenic treatment, taking into account the cumulative data. These recommendations in the protocols are often attached to a single laboratory value and can not always fully comply with the severity of the condition. Conclusions. Blood gas is the most sensitive criterion of metabolic changes in case of diabetic ketoacidosis. The level of blood potassium can be used as an indicator of DKA severity. The level of blood potassium at admission to hospital does not really reflect its deficiency in the tissues.


diabetes mellitus; ketoacidosis; diagnosis


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