Experience of Using Pentosan Polysulfate SP 54 in Patients with Diabetic Foot Syndrome

I.V. Nosenko


Diabetic foot — a complex of anatomical and functional changes in the feet caused by diabetic neuropathy leading to osteoarthropathy and angiopathy, against which purulent necrotic processes may develop. Microangiopathy determines basement membrane thickening with deposition in it of PAS-positive substances, endothelial proliferation, leading to circulatory disturbances and, consequently, to the development of thrombosis, embolism, prolonged vasoconstriction. In the treatment for diabetic foot syndrome, heparinoids took leading positions. Application of such heparinoid, as Pentosan polysulfate SP 54, is promising. Its multivector (anticoagulant, fibrinolytic and lipid-lowering) effect on the factor Xa, regardless of antithrombin III, makes it possible to carry out the treatment for diabetic foot syndrome.


diabetic foot syndrome; Pentosan polysulfate SP 54

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