Prevalence of Arterial Hypertension in Urban Population of Ukraine Depending on the Degree and Type of Obesity

O.I. Mitchenko, M.N. Mamedov, T.V. Kolesnyk, A.D. Deiev, V.Yu. Romanov, O.Yu. Kulyk, A.O. Shkrioba


The objective of this study was subanalysis of the prevalence and detection of arterial hypertension (AH) among patients with overweight and obesity depending on the degree and type of obesity in a large population study of risk factors carried out in Ukraine on urban population in 2009–2013. It is found that in analyzed urban population of Ukraine, normal body weight had only 29.3 % of residents, and 70.7 % had total overweight and obesity of I–III degree. There was a trend to increasing prevalence of overweight and obesity with age among both men and women. It is revealed that with increasing body weight and age, AH detection in the population increases. The percentage of AH detection in the population increased from 29.8 % at normal body weight to 75.0 % at obesity of II–III degrees. It is found that regardless of sex, the onset and progression of abdominal obesity is associated with increased detection of arterial hypertension. Thus, according to the ESC guidelines (2012), among women with waist circumference (WC) ≥ 80 cm, AH was detected in 57.2 %, among men with WC ≥ 94 cm — in 44.1 %. According to the AHA criteria (2013), among women with WC ≥ 88 cm, AH was diagnosed in 63.6 %, among men with WC ≥ 102 cm — in 47.3 %.


arterial hypertension; obesity; overweight; prevalence


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