Influence of Distribution of Type I Deiodinase Gene Polymorphism on Indices of Thyroid Homeostasis in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis and Nonviral Liver Cirrhosis

K.A. Chympoi, N.V. Pashkovska, N.D. Pavliukovych, I.F. Korotash, O.Ya. Rybak, A.I. Misechko


The features of thyroid homeostasis in patients with chronic diffuse liver diseases, depending on the A/C polymorphism in DIO1 gene, have been studied. The dependence of indicators of thyroid homeostasis in patients with chronic diffuse liver diseases on the distribution of A/C polymorphism in DIO1 gene, as well as the absence of correlation of titer of antibodies to thyroid tissue and this polymorphism have been established.


chronic diffuse liver diseases; polymorphism; thyroid homeostasis; antibodies to thyroid tissue.


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