Male factor of sterility: algorithm of laboratory diagnosis of the causes

O.V. Rykova


Timely diagnosis of the causes of infertility is the key to the effectiveness of treatment. Given that half of the causes of this condition accounts for male factor, it is important to conduct a comprehensive study to identify the etiology and appropriate treatment, including in vitro fertilization method selection. The article describes the algorithms of laboratory diagnostic methods. Particular emphasis is placed on the rules for referring men to this survey, taking into account factors that might influence the results, optimal sets of laboratory tests and algorithms for interpreting the results. Recommendations are based on the guidelines published in 2018 — “Testosterone Therapy in Men with Hypogonadism: An Endocrine Society. Clinical Practice Guideline”.


infertility; hypogonadism; total testosterone; free testosterone; sex hormone-binding globulin; hyperprolactinemia; spermogram

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