Therapeutic ‘masks’ of hypothyroidism

V.S. Vernigorodsky, M.V. Vlasenko, A.V. Palamarchuk, Z.P. Nezhinskay-Astapenko, S.V. Litvinova, N.V. Vilchinskaya, S.V. Shkarіvska


The article deals with the data on various clinical variants of hypothyroidism course. The authors emphasized that establishing early and reliable diagnosis suggests no limitations in ideas about the typical clinical picture of hypothyroidism described in the textbooks, since thyroid hypofunction increasingly manifests by atypical, subclinical forms. This is especially true of hypothyroidism in the elderly, which occurs much more often than in young people, and its manifestations often slip out among the symptoms of other diseases or are perceived as common signs of aging. The article presents two clinical cases with various therapeutic masks of hypothyroidism.


hypothyroidism; diagnostics; therapeutic masks; clinical variants

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