The biological role of iodine and iodine deficiency as pathogenetic factor of thyroid pathology in pregnant women and its prevention

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V.I. Kravchenko
B.K. Medvedev


The article presents the most important information about the role of iodine in biological nature, its participation in different biological processes, formation of thyroid hormones and their effects on different organs and cells. Much attention is given to the role of iodine in thyroid hormones synthesis and to declaring the causes of increased need of iodine in pregnant women. The results of long-term epidemiological studies on the iodine deficiency in pregnant women in different regions of Ukraine were analyzed. These researches were carried out by the officials of endocrine epidemiology department of the SI “V.P. Komisarenko Institute of Endocrinology and Metabolism of the NAMS of Ukraine”. A great number of these researches were provided by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, UNICEF, CDC (Atlanta, USA). The CDC realized quality control of iodine excretion — one of the most important markers of iodine status in population. The article presents scientific information for endocrinologists, gynaecologists, hygienists, family doctors, the public, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine because of necessity to implement legislative solution to the problem of iodine diseases prevention.

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Kravchenko, V., and B. Medvedev. “The Biological Role of Iodine and Iodine Deficiency As Pathogenetic Factor of Thyroid Pathology in Pregnant Women and Its Prevention”. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENDOCRINOLOGY (Ukraine), vol. 14, no. 2, May 2018, pp. 111-8, doi:10.22141/2224-0721.14.2.2018.130552.
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