Features of pahogocytic activity of monocytes and neutrophils in patients with obesity and ankylosinig spondylitis depending on HLA B27 gene carrier

V.Yu. Hayevska


Background. Ankylosing spondylitis (AS) is a widespread pathology all over the world. The AS prevalence in different countries ranges from 0.2 to 2 %. Usually the disease debuts at the age of 20–40 years, men suffer from this patho­logy 6–9 times more often than women. Materials and methods. We observed 68 patients with acute stage. The general laboratory  and AS-specific testing were done for all patents, namely clinical blood analysis with leucogram (%, g/l), ESR, C-reactive protein, proteingram, for HIV carrier, for HCV and HBV specific antibodies and HLA B27 carrie. Results. AS patients with HLAB27 antigene had enhanced spontaneous and physiologic output of neutrophils and physiologic output of monocytes. Conclusions. Oxidative output can serve as an early predictor of autoimunne process in human.


ankylosing spondylitis; obesity; phagocytic indexes; antigene HLA B27; immune inflammation

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